To achieve the missions of rewilding land and people, education and research, Lithica’s current project goal is the legal purchase of a large tract of land through private and grant donations, crowdfunding and memberships.

The land must have clean drinkable water in the form of springs, lakes, streams and/or rivers. It may be inland or coastal, with mountainous or undulating terrain, mixed forests, meadow lands and existing biodiversity. It may have parts that have been exploited and need tending and rewilding. Ideally it will be located adjacent to a national park or another kind of protected area to increase the available, continuous wild habitat for plants, animals and fungi.

We are primarily focusing to purchase land in Southern or Northern Europe, specifically in France/Spain/Portugal or Norway/Sweden/Finland.

The purchase of land is vital to move to the next phase: to actively start rewilding humans.

Crowdfunding will start after the legal registration of our association!